At SMARTe Education, we study our academic subjects such as math, reading, and science connected around weekly topics and create projects around the topics that help us to

remember and to understand how subjects are related.

We are also using an accredited curriculum in all 50 states and 75 countries 

Edmentum Exact Path utilizes adaptive diagnostic assessments paired with individualized learning paths to promote academic growth.


Our program is focused on understanding where your students are academically and then taking that data a step further to provide just-in-time instruction aligned to your goals.



We support our academic learning by developing 21st-century skills that will give our learners the opportunity to be prepared not only to join the future workforce but also to create solutions to the problems that occur in everyday life.


In addition to supporting our academic learning, we develop 21st-century skills that prepare us to enter the workforce and solve the issues we face in everyday life. 


Our everyday learning and experiences include developing skills like typing, graphic design, cyber safety, computational thinking, and the basics of engineering and computer science.   


Future Proof Meaningful Learning.

Future-proof education has in focus the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to enable students to learn in a stable and enduring way in a rapidly changing, unpredictable world.

Meaningful learning teaches students cognitive skills they will use throughout their lives. Students use cognitive skills to evaluate, analyze, remember and compare the information in the long run, meaningful learning is the most effective way for students to become engaged in learning.


In order to be accountable, one must remain committed to learning and growing rather than following rules and procedures. ... It is being responsible for developing one's own self-efficacy and taking the initiative to follow through with the application of learned content and skill.



SMARTe Education strives to remain affordable for the majority of families.


To accomplish this, we keep overheads low and use technology to save money and protect the environment.

You will not need to buy a printer, paper, books, or apps that we use. It is all included in our price!



To join SMARTe Education, you need a decent internet connection and a laptop that your kids can join the daily learning.


Adding a mouse and headsets allows them to work more efficiently and focus.

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Micro-school empowered by learners.

We developed our lessons based on more than 5 years of day-to-day experience with children and their parents in class and online.

The lessons have been developed to make learning both meaningful and fun as well as build skills and brain development to prepare the student to become a lifelong learner.