What exactly is SMARTe Space 

SMARTe  Space are small groups enrolling a maximum 10 -15 in a group.  The learners are part of a mixed-age class rather than split into different grades.

What is SMARTe Education?

Parents and learners can decide how they want to attend for the learning sessions: online, in person, or both.

This gives flexibility for families and also assures continuity to the learning process.


Is this considered home schooling? 

Yes, but the meetings online and in person will give the structure, support and also will provide the best data driven personalized academic curriculum and the most innovative enrichment programs.


Who will be delivering the content?

Lead Learners are passionate about children's education and development

They are Certified by SMARTe through a rigorous process that includes:

To assist the academic learning program.

To use  technology and technology devices.

To deliver enrichment programs.

To use the SMARTe Lesson Plans.

To support and empower learners in tier social-emotional development.

To communicate efficiently with parents and team to achieve the best results in the academic development of each learner.



Due to low overheads and using technology format for communication and content delivery cost are low and so are the fees for joining a group of micro schoolers



 The learning content can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have a decent internet connection and a simple yet efficient device.



In the current world situation, we learned that maybe the most important factor is to ensure continuous learning for learners of all ages. Disrupting the learning process for longer periods can cause serious fallbacks.