“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

- Stephen Keague

Back to School Prep 2020 is a special 2 weeks program for preparing learners back to school for a very different school year. To ensure continuous learning we need to prepare ahead. 


The Back to School Prep Program 2020 will have 4 focus points:

1  Each learner needs to learn or to refresh how technology devices work, what are the names and roll of different parts, how to log in and out, how to find apps on their devices

 2. Practice Typing - learning the keyboard elements and practicing typing will help learners in working during class and completing their assignments faster. 

3. Each participant will take a small quiz and determine what exactly needs to be refreshed in terms of academics and will be offered a personalized exercise program, so the learner can start the new year without struggling to understand new learning. 

4. Learn to work independently and how to ask and find help if something goes wrong during the independent learning time.

Each learner enrolled will complete a quiz that is assisted by a program that based on the results will offer the learner a personalized exercise program to refresh their knowledge. Also, the Lead Lerner will give explanations and directions during the sessions.


We will have 2x45 Minutes sessions

Monday - Thursday 

10:00- 10:45  and 11:00 - 11.45 


Parents will be able to follow up on work and progress each day.



Back  to School Prep 2020  

August 10th - 20th


For ages 8 - 14 YRS