Howdy SMARTe Education!

Replacing the static school system with responsive and engaging  education!

SMARTe at a glance...

Open to:

Open to Pre- Shool - to 4 grade  or 3 to 10  years of age


Anywhere in the United States and rest of the world  (fully virtual) and locations in  Las Vegas

Group Sizes:

10 -12 geographically co-located learners in the locations or online from anywhere in the world.


Virtual co-learning at home and powerful

in-person experiences. state and world approved academics and an enrichment program for developing 21st century skills.

Lead Learners:

Facilitated by a Lead Learners who are "handpicked" and trained in the SMARTe Edcuational Porcess, who mentors, supports, and guides learners along interactive and welcoming sessions.


SMARTe Education Year starts September 15 - June 1 and also offering summer services


Provide technology and space for online learning and  supervise at home, communicate with a friendly and supportive team. On the location parents provide technology and some supplies as well as lunch snacks and participate at events and field trips.

Real-world learning:

Prepare for life, broaden perspectives, and become an expert


Are provide by Edmentum that  is a leading provider of online learning programs designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success.


Virtual clubs, in-person expos, service learning, and family events 


September 15,  2020. Join us to revolutionize education and give a head start and 21st Century Skills to your kids!

SMARTe Education

Replacement for traditional “school”


Progressive education with a touch of self-directed learning, inetractive engaging and future proof

SMARTe Foundation Book is the core of all curriculums and the promise we make to each and every learner:

Life at SMARTe 


on and off line

Every child and family is different and has unique routines, schedules, and priorities.


Our daily schedule allows ample opportunities for learners to interact with and socialize with their peers while maintaining flexibility and the ability to customize their day to best fit their interests, needs, and learning style.

90 Minutes of Academics with Edmentum Learning 

Engaging curriculum, research-based assessments for learning, and quality education approved and fully accredited by state educational standards.

Each Learner will be working on their own age-appropriate academic level on a personalized learning path and will be assessed periodically and systematically to ensure their academic success.

30  minutes 

Social-Emotional activities through mindfulness,  mediation, yoga, Brain X Fit, finger yoga, and nordic walking as well as interactive storytelling and supportive circle times.

These programs are integrated parts of each day at SMARTe spaces or online programs.

90 Minutes of ENRICHMENT activities that build 21st Century skills and life skills.

Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Engineering., Financial Skills, and household economics,  as well as arts included in our enrichment activities and, will contribute to the holistic development of the learners. 

30 Minutes 

Social Interaction and Etiquett

Social interaction,  communication, and etiquette is an integral part of each day,  through modeling and practicing during lunchtime and all around the activities. Learners have responsibilities assigned to practice social responsibility and understanding the importance of individual's behavior. 

Field Trips and Virtual Field Trips 

Going out in nature, visits to landmarks and museums, libraries are an important part of SMARTe programs 

IGetting to know and understand the world around, how to connect and communicate on and offline and be part of events and organizations it is a skill that learners will get customized during the SMARTe activities.

SMARTe Family Club

SMARTe groups are 10 -12 learners and their families will connect through regular monthly -bi-monthly events and celebrations that can develop in long term relationships and friendships for life.


September  15 - November 2o

Fall Holiday - November 23-27


November 20 - February 28

Winter Holiday

December 21 /2020 - January 4 /2021


March 1 - June 1 

Spring Holiday 

March 29- April 12

Summer Season

Iune 1st - August 20

Summer Camp Programs

A year-round experience with the benefits of summer break

During September through June 1st learners at SMARTe Space /on and offline/ experience 4 learning cycles, with breaks to recharge in between. We don’t believe that learning should stop in the summer, but we also know that summer is often the best time for kids to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime experiential learning opportunities. So our summer learning is designed to be flexible, encompassing any growth opportunity the learner is interested in exploring. 
Along the year SMARTe cohorts schedule myriad activities, trips, and events to connect in person and virtually.

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