SMARTe International

Virtual Camp



Grades: K - 2
4 - 7 YRS


Young Turtles.

Grades: 3 - 5
8 - 11 YRS


Teen Turtles.

Grades: 6 - 8
12 - 16 YRS

July 2020 International Summer Camp 8 -
July 2020 International Summer Camp 4 -

Why SMARTe Virtual CAMP?

International environment, with participants from the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Chez Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Lituania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Greece.
Interactive and engaging LIVE sessions every day from Monday - Thursday
Engaging and interactive STEAM curriculum. Will keep the participants in the loop of reading 11 interactive books that will improve their reading, literacy, and vocabulary. In contrast, participants will be engaged in interactive exercises in science, math, coding, and typing.
A real STEAM program, where parents can watch the progress while kids learn and have fun.

How are sessions conducted?

Monday - Thursday participants will have a 45- 60 minutes online interactive LIVE sessions.
Groups will be limited to max. 25 students.

Each week has a book theme, and all future activities are connected to the topics.
Each week has reading, math, critical thinking, typing technology, and engineering activities.
Highly skilled facilitators will conduct the sessions with years of experience in teaching online.

Language Development.

While through the weekly stories, participants are developing their English vocabulary, our English speakers can discover and get interested in other countries' languages.

Participants will also acquire geographical and historical information by getting to know the other participants.

Technology and 21st Century Skills.

The participants will be exposed to different accents and levels of written and spoken English, which will make them understand the English language's universality and how to communicate with nonnative or native English speakers.