“If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”
― Ignacio Estrada


The Mission:

SMARTe World Micro-Schools a network of a new educational model that offers continuous academic and enrichment learning in an engaging, interactive environment.

SMARTe follows a progressive data-driven curriculum combined with enrichment programs that give learners 21st Century skills.


The Vision:

Create a network of adaptive, responsive, knowledge- and skill-based educational system.


Current education is static, rigid, and discouraging for students, educators, and parents. It is a dying economic model, with overheads, lack of communication, and a falling apart structure.

It is an old but strong institution based on believes and traditions, instead of knowledge, research, and data.

Reforming, restructuring, revolutionizing education by attacking and infiltrating inside this establishment it is impossible. There are many who tried and failed. Implementing some" new wording" and "face lifting " the system it is only decelerating the system itself.

The only solution is to create, build, and spread new educational models that are adaptive, responsive, and most of all affordable and viable. These new educational models need than to create a network and collaborate and eventually, these educational networks will grow into a bigger structure than the existing educational system and will gradually replace it and finally create the new educational system necessary to give a sustainable and meaningful knowledge and skill-based education to the future generations.