About SMARTe

SMARTe is a new educational model that aims to change the current static educational process into a responsive and engaging environment. SMARTe is about learning SKILLS for the 21st Century.

Traditional school is not the best fit for many of today's kids.

Many of today's scholars feel challenged and need more interaction, attention, and a personalized blended learning environment.

In the last ten years, we were working to find solutions to help parents and inspire kids.


We conclude that this is only possible in a microenvironment,


Where Lead Learners support the Learner in their academic and enrichment activities.

Many of them are struggling, or feeling lost in the crowded classrooms, develop anxiety and fall behind.


SMARTe is a learning platform that stands for Science, Math, Art, and Technology Education on and offline with core academic learning supported by an enrichment program specially developed for today's learner's interest and with the objective of teaching skills.
Learners join our education groups online or offline, and a Lead Learner supports them, navigating, supporting, and following up on learner's achievements or guiding them.
An education group is not more than 10 -15 students meeting on or offline setting learning goals and collaborating on activities and creative projects under the guidance of a Lead Learner.

Our Partners


Local Community Partners:

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